Miss Part/Item

Our goal is to ensure that every product is securely shipping with all parts required to assemble.
If you have received your item with missing parts follow these steps:
  1. Check to ensure all items have been removed from the shipping box.
  2. Check underneath and behind the item that could have parts stored in compartments such as hardware, legs, feet, accessories, etc.
  3. Confirm if item has parts already assembled. Some items come pre-assembled such as hardware, accessories., etc. although illustrated separately in manual.
We know how frustrating it can be to receive your order missing parts making assembly impossible, so if you have completed the above steps and are still missing parts, please contact us with your order number, part needed and quantity. Part information is available in the manual.
We will work to resolve the issue by providing one of the following resolutions:
• Authorizing a return
• Issuing a part
• Issuing a replacement
• Issuing a refund
Please contact us within 60 days of your delivery date to complete this process.
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